Complete Energy Audits

A physical walk-through of the facility is conducted to observe everything that affects energy consumption.  Many pictures will be taken and critical information recorded.

  • Observe operation of all energy using equipment
  • Critical data will be observed and recorded (Ex:  CO2 levels in building to determine if there is too much outside air in the building, lighting levels, etc…) Pictures and graphs will be used wherever possible to further illustrate the ECM’s (energy conservation measures)
    • Depending on size of facility, this could range from a few hours to several days
  • Pictures and graphs will be used wherever possible to further illustrate the ECM’s (energy conservation measures)

Building, Equipment and Utility Usage Analysis

Utility bills should be reviewed and trended. The rate structure should be reviewed to ensure it is the correct one for the application.

  • Develop usage trend charts for all fuels
  • Energy intensity will be calculated and compared to normal values
  • Data will be trended to observe any abnormalities

Energy Reduction Action Plans

A report will be generated that is both easy to understand and very detailed.  The report will be available in electronic format (generally a PDF) and can also be accompanied by a presentation. The report will at a minimum include the following:

  • Detailed energy reduction action plan with cost and savings associated with each action. This will summarize the report. Items will be discussed in detail prior to the summary, to promote  a better understanding of how the list was generated.
  • Data section that will show the current energy usage of the building, preferably covering the last 2 years.
  • Capital recommendations. This is both for equipment that should be changed out immediately and suggestions on what equipment to consider when the existing equipment reaches it End of Life
  • Prioritized list of ECMs starting with low-cost or no-cost solution plans
  • Utility bill reduction
  • Ensure utility rate structure is optimal


  • Rebate and Funding assistance
  • Assist with custom and prescriptive rebate applications
  • ROI Calculations
  • Training seminars
  • Project Management
  • Contract energy management services
  • Owner representative services (for performance contracting)

 Contract Energy Management

Energy Managers are becoming more prevalent in the workforce, and for good reason. Having someone keeping an eye on utility bill costs, possible energy conservation projects and operational changes that increase efficiency can pay huge dividends, sometimes paying for the person’s salary many times over.

In today’s business climate, though, headcount is under intense scrutiny, and bringing on an additional employee can be very difficult. Many schools and businesses have the need for an energy manager but cannot hire a full-time employee.

Hire EnergyMan LLC on a contract basis and start seeing the utility bills drop! Contract will be customized to fit your needs.

  • Review your bills monthly (even more frequently if the facility has the capability)
  • Manage or develop projects and/or operational changes
  • Make sure any gains that have been realized are sustainable
  • Let EnergyMan LLC act as your expert for sustaining a low energy use for your facility

Conserving Energy Saves Money!