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Commecial Energy Audits Funding Assistance for Non Profits

Funding Assistance

Low Interest Loans, Grants and Utility Rebates
(Could Mean No Cost to You)

EnergyMan stays “in the loop” on funding opportunities that can help pay for energy projects and/or the actual audit itself. Many of the multiple audits we have performed were totally paid for by

  • Stimulus Money via the Energy Technical Assistance Program. EnergyMan was an authorized consultant to perform this work.
  • Electric Cooperative energy audit funding

Some utilities are now paying up to 50% of an energy audit. This benefit that can reach $20,000 if the usage is high enough.

Importance of Energy Efficiency Funding

The South Carolina Energy Office offers low interest loans to pay for energy reduction projects. Audits can be included in this program and it can finance up to $500,000 a year via the ConserFund Program. This program is for non-profit, (government, churches etc…) but there is also a program available for the private sector  called the Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan.

Utility rebates for projects can be very substantial and EnergyMan understands these funding mechanisms. Many times this additional money can take years off a project payback, moving a project from a “good idea” to actually being approved.

If your organization needs new equipment (lighting, HVAC, Controls, etc…) these funding mechanisms are always worth a look. They are constantly evolving to better meet customer needs.

EnergyMan has had success in obtaining these rebates for the customer (sometimes covering 50% of the total cost of the project) and continues to be very active in this area. Maintaining Trade Ally Status with utility companies keeps EnergyMan on the cutting edge of the rebate programs.

Here are a few rebate examples:

High School Energy Management System:  Cost $101,986   Rebate  $47,035

Industrial Lighting Project:   Cost  $497,966   Rebate  $248,983

High School Gym LED lighting Project:  Cost  $21,503  Rebate  $10,256

Conserving Energy Saves Money!