About Us

The EnergyMan Philosophy

The EnergyMan Philosophy is to help our commercial, industrial and non-profit customers save money through energy audits and energy efficient projects.

EnergyMan LLC uses a simplistic approach concerning commercial energy audits and energy efficiency improvement projects.  Our experience ranges from small and large commercial sites (including schools, churches, hotels and office buildings) to large industrial complexes.

Saving Money Through Energy Efficiency

Many companies advertise complex surveys, energy modeling, and computer simulations as the initial approach. While those are powerful tools, they are generally overkill for most energy projects. They take considerable time and can be quite costly.

Saving money through energy efficiency is our goal.  However, we don’t believe in a big bang approach to savings;  we believe that momentum can be gained by simple utility analysis. This leads to easily identifiable, easy to correct changes initially. This initial savings can demonstrate early success, generate management interest, and can provide cost avoidance money to fund more valuable capital intensive projects.

We take the time to ensure the customer understands the root causes of what is driving the energy costs, and we thoroughly review our recommendations to reduce these costs.

If needed, we can also oversee the implementation or follow up and ensure that the maximum savings has been captured. Our company can provide training to various levels of management and the on-site energy team.

About The Owner

The owner and founder of EnergyMan LLC, Lonnie Russell, has over twenty years of experience with various complex systems including nuclear power generation and control, large industrial electric distribution and control, and industrial plant maintenance. Lonnie is also a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) who has performed energy audits and managed energy projects that have generated millions of dollars in energy efficiency improvements.

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