Receive EnergyMan's Top 10 Tips to Reduce Energy CostsEnergyMan, LLC offers: Complete commercial energy audits, Utility bill and energy utilization analysis, Building and equipment analysis, Energy reduction action plans, and Energy Management Services. We are a practical alternative to Performance Contracting.

Complete Energy Audits

  • Observe operation of all energy using equipment
  • Critical energy data will be observed and recorded
  • Pictures and graphs will be used wherever possible to further illustrate the ECMs (energy conservation measures)

Building, Equipment and Utility Usage Analysis

  • Develop usage trend charts for all fuels
  • Energy intensity will be calculated and compared to normal values
  • Data will be trended to observe any abnormalities

Energy Reduction Action Plans

  • Detailed energy reduction action plan
  • Cost and savings associated with each action
  • Prioritized list of ECMs starting with low-cost or no-cost solution plans
  • Capital recommendations
  • Rebate and funding assistance
  • Utility bill reduction
  • Contract energy management services

Photos of some of our client’s facilities

Conserving Energy Saves Money!